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Karl Golser Prize Ceremony

Vik was honored to share the inaugural  Karl Golser award with Professor Gabor Kovacs. He attended and spoke at the award ceremony at the Bishop’s Palace in Brixen, Italy, on June 9, 2018. A special thanks to Professor Gregor Wenning, President of the Bishop Golser Foundation, for being such a gracious host!

PhRMA Fellowship to Isabel!

Congratulations to Isabel for securing a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship from the PhRMA Foundation!!! The grant will support our efforts with the Vidal lab to identify novel genetic risk factors for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple System Atrophy and other synucleinopathies.

Back-to-back papers in Cell Systems

Our back-to-back papers, providing proteome-scale genetic and spatial maps of alpha-synuclein,  make the cover of Cell Systems! Check it out here.“On the cover: By mapping genetic and spatial interactions in yeast and neurons, Khurana et al. (pp. 157–170) and Chung et al. (pp. 242–250) draw relationships between different genetic forms of Parkinson’s disease (stylized as patients in different colors) and the aggregation of the protein, alpha-synuclein. Illustration by Steven Moskowitz.”

Tribute to Sue Lindquist

Dan Tardiff, Chee Yeun Chung and I fondly remember our mentor, Sue Lindquist, who passed away last October. Read the tribute in Cell Systems here.

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