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We’re always looking for those interested in applying stem-cell and systems biology approaches to challenging questions in protein-misfolding and translational neuroscience!  Learn more about the principal investigator Vik Khurana, and about team members.

We value motivated, passionate and collaborative applicants with a broad range of scientific backgrounds (genetics, cell biology, computer science, neurobiology, systems biology, biochemistry, tissue engineering and neurology to name a few). Graduate students at Harvard enter the lab through the Biological and Biomedical Sciences or Neuroscience Programs. We also welcome enquiries from Master’s and PhD students at other degree-granting institutions, including top programs in the UK, Europe and Asia, who wish to undertake their dissertation research in our group.

Current lab members identify with a staggering 14 countries. The 16 languages spoken by current lab members include Bengali, Dutch, English, German (including Austrian and Swiss dialects!), French, Hindi, Italian, Lebanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish  and  … Australian. If you include alumni then you can add Korean, Persian and Telugu into the mix. Many lab members over the years have identified as minority. We are a majority women lab with a strong interest in advancing women to positions of leadership in science.

Please inquire by sending an email to Vik. Please also arrange to have a cover letter, your CV, and three letters of reference emailed to Vik and Ms. Joan Swan.

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