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Welcome Baby Evan!

Khurana lab thrilled to welcome Baby #1 – congratulations to Isabel and Bryan on the arrival of Baby Evan!!!!

Vik awarded George C. Cotzias Fellowship

The George C. Cotzias Fellowship is awarded by the American Parkinson Disease Association annually. Read about it here, and read about George Cotzias, who played a pivotal role in bringing L-DOPA treatment to Parkinson’s patients,  here.



BRI Director’s Transformative Award to the lab and collaborators

Khurana lab and collaborators win $500K Brigham Research Institute (BRI) Director’s Transformative Award for our project, “A Multidisciplinary Program at Brigham to Stratify and Precisely Target Neurodegenerative Disease.” The project focuses on using genetic and stem-cell technologies to better stratify patients with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders for therapies. The project is a collaboration between investigators in the Brigham’s Department of Neurology, Division of Genetics and Department of Pathology. Our collaborators include Tim Bartels, PhD, and Ulf Dettmer, PhD, both of Neurology; Mel Feany, MD, PhD, of Pathology; and Shamil Sunyaev, PhD, and Stephen J. Elledge, PhD, both of Genetics.

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