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The Khurana Lab is now recruiting. We currently have openings for Graduate Students (Harvard neuroscience program), Postdoctoral Fellows(including Neurology Residents and Movement Disorders Fellows) and Associate Scientists. 

We’re looking for highly motivated students, postdoctoral Fellows and associate scientists interested in stem cells, genetically tractable simple model systems (like flies and yeast), neurodegenerative disease and protein misfolding. We strive for an environment in which impactful science is collaborative, collegial and fun. We work within an extraordinary biomedical hub, at the nexus of premier research institutions, hospitals and biopharma companies, and we have established a network of collaborators that lab members will take advantage of. If all of this sounds like a fit, we’d love to hear from you!

On-file job descriptions for Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Associate Scientist positions should be considered a guide only. We are always interested in motivated, passionate applicants with a broad range of backgrounds (genetics, cell biology, neurobiology, systems biology, biochemistry, tissue engineering and neurology to name a few). Please inquire by sending an email to Vik. Please also arrange to have a cover letter, your CV, and three letters of reference emailed to Vik and Ms Joan Swan.

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